Phone Tap

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Latest Episodes

Phone Tap PODCAST: Esteban Rocks a Senior Home

There’s a young man roaming this town… who wear 90s track suits, gold-plated chains and loves the ladies of ALL ages. He’s found the perfect place to perform…The local SENIOR CENTER. Can he convince them to hire him?? Listen in the Phone Tap.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Don’t Mess with Sanitation

Today, Jubal calls a woman who has some SERIOUS complaints about how early garbage is collected outside of her home. Apparently, it’s VERY disturbing to her family… And you know what…? Jubal doesn’t care!! Listen in the Phone Tap.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Sergeant Soup Sandwiches

Jubal calls a restaurant employee to introduce himself as the new manager…And he is not taking this job lightly. He believes the company needs some DISCIPLINE and HARD work. This guy begins to question if he can EVER return to work again. Listen in the Phone Tap.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Do Not Disturb

This guy checked out of a hotel but left his “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door… Jubal calls him to let him know the consequences of this, as this hotel takes their signs VERY seriously. He is OUTRAGED, but then hit with a HUGE TWIST at the end. Listen to the Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: AirBnB Remodel

The owner of an AirBnB receives an emergency phone call from his current tenant, Jubal, who claims things are out of control at the home. The owner is SHOCKED at what is happening and wants Jubal off of his property IMMEDIATELY. Find out why in the Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Fax Machines and Typewriters

A company is struggling to get by and needs some SERIOUS help…Luckily, they have Jubal, who poses as their Human Resources manager. He is ready to shake things up in the office with his INNOVATIVE ideas. Listen to the Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: The Boss’ Triplets

Jubal poses as a CEO and gives an employee a call… this guy travels a lot for work and is very good at his job, but has no idea that’s going to hurt him in the end. His CEO has a BIZARRE request that rocks his world, and he CAN’T say no. Listen to the Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Pastor Jimmy Wants You

Jubal poses as a pastor and calls a woman who hasn’t been to church in a while… Jubal just wants to find out why, and try and persuade her to come back. MAYBE the pastor can persuade her to do A LOT of things?! Ooooo. Hear it in the Phone Tap.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Wedding Dress Return

Jubal calls a bride to inform her she owes an additional $1700 for her wedding dress, and she refuses! The rest of the phone call leaves her in SHOCK and DISGUST. Listen to the Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Barry’s a Good Listener

Customer service lines are FRUSTRATING, but this caller realizes the representative helping her has even BIGGER ISSUES than herself. Jubal poses as Barry, a phone help line employee like NO OTHER. Hear for yourself in the Phone Tap!