Phone Tap

Phone Taps - Binge listen to Brooke & Jeffrey Phone Taps that you hear LIVE weekday mornings. We promise you'll chuckle!

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap PODCAST: Parker Cell Phone Bill

The “Draw Something” app is totally FREE, but Parker’s parents don’t know that. Jubal calls from the phone company to inform them that young Parker has rung up a $1500…

Phone Tap PODCAST: UPS Creeper

What happens when your UPS delivery man falls in love with you? Things get very CREEPY, very quickly. And he might even open your packages! Listen to the phone tap!…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Dr Smooth Operator

Jubal calls a guy who’s nervous about his upcoming colonoscopy. Don’t worry buddy, Jubal knows how to make you feel comfortable… maybe a little TOO COMFORTABLE??? Hear it in the…