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Phone Tap PODCAST: Teacher Doug Does Drugs

Today, Jubal poses as an elementary school teacher calling a father to inform him of a new and exciting lesson showing students how bad drugs are. However, this dad seems to have an issue with how interactive this new teaching style is… Listen below to find out exactly what Jubal is suggesting!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Sage and the Carpooler

Jubal calls a woman posing as her creepy coworker, Sage Willowbrooke, who’s been watching her from afar. He’s got great news: He’s her new mandatory carpool buddy. I don’t think she was as excited… Hear it on the Phone Tap.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Baby Mudder

Jubal calls a mom who has her 3 year old daughter in day care… he just needs to make sure it’s okay that she participates in this FUN new activity they have planned for all the kids! It’s a little extreme, and it’s part of today’s PHONE TAP!
(Image Courtesy: allthecolor. Creative Commons)

Phone Tap PODCAST: Verbal Facebook Request

There are a lot of weird bosses out there… People who have very successful businesses, but who are a little OFF when it comes to their personality. Today, Jubal pretends to BE one of those strange bosses. Hopefully he can freak out one his female employees in the PHONE TAP!
(Image Courtesy: Kumar Appaiah. Creative Commons)

Phone Tap PODCAST: Bees in My Belfry

Jubal tells a guy that his condo has been invaded by BEES! This guy sounds pretty PISSED OFF for someone that swears he knew it was a joke the whole time… Listen to the PHONE TAP! (Image Courtesy: Natmandu. Creative Commons)

Phone Tap PODCAST: Raccoon Love Shack

Jubal introduces a brand-new character in this phone tap… he’s a high-energy, high-powered realtor named “Bob Marathon”. One thing you should know about him right off the bat: he’ll sell anything and he won’t let anyone get in his way.

Phone Tap PODCAST: White Walls for the Win

Jubal calls a woman who wants to remodel her living room. Jubal calls as an interior designer who just remodeled her living room the NEWEST, FRESHEST, most avant-garde design: nothing. White walls for the win!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Nicky from Ft. Lauderdale

Have you ever got a call from a wrong number… and the person on the other end JUST. WON’T. STOP. TALKING?? It’s really really annoying. And it’s exactly what Jubal does in today’s Phone Tap!
(Image Courtesy: David Goehring. Creative Commons)