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Phone Tap PODCAST: Rent a Car Ripoff

Jubal calls a woman and tells her the renal car she used for a business trip is overdue by a month… the problem?? She says she already returned the car WEEKS AGO… But hey, that doesn’t matter to Jubal… Because he can spot a liar from a MILE away… and now she’s going to pay in your Phone Tap below!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Your Minutes are Gone

If you really want to piss a guy off, call him and tell him he only has 3 minutes left on his service plan… then make sure the call lasts WAY LONGER than 3 minutes. Listen to the PHONE TAP!

(Image Courtesy: John Flinchbaugh. Creative Commons)

Phone Tap PODCAST: Lost Wedding Dress

A bride-to-be goes BAT-S*** CRAZY when Jubal calls to tell her that her wedding dress has gone missing two days before the ceremony! Don’t blame Jubal, her fiancé e-mailed us to do it! Listen to the PHONE TAP.

(Image Courtesy: Brittney Bush. Creative Commons)

Phone Tap PODCAST: Miguel and the Escrow

Nobody wants to get a call from “Miguel” (the bumbling non-native English speaker)… And you ESPECIALLY don’t want to get a call from him when it’s about something important, like say for example: the Escrow on your home. Well unfortunately, one woman is going to have no other choice. Listen in the PHONE TAP!

Phone Tap PODCAST: I Snipped It Off

Jubal calls a woman because he made a LITTLE mistake on her husband’s vasectomy surgery… He coughed during the procedure and… OOPSIE! She’ll be okay with it right? Listen to the PHONE TAP.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Free Ferret

Leonard has been a loyal credit card member for over a decade is about to receive a very SPECIAL “thank you” from the company… we don’t know WHY he doesn’t like Jubal’s gift. Listen to the PHONE TAP.

(Image Courtesy: Esalota. Creative Commons)

Phone Tap PODCAST: You Farted in Yoga

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class… you know sometimes people pass gas. It happens… It’s natural. But what’s NOT natural is having the Yoga studio call you out for it. That’s what happens in today’s PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Weird Bank Robbery

A guy just went out on a first date with a girl. So Jubal calls him up and tells him that NOT ONLY is that girl a criminal mastermind… but she just implicated him in a bank heist and he needs to turn himself in! Hear it in the Phone Tap PODCAST.

(Image Courtesy: Victor. Creative Commons)