SHE Flash Briefings

Updated twice weekdays, The SHE 100.3 Flash Briefing is a quick look at what's trending on SHE 100.3 in Chicago.

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Morning Flash Briefing – 4.22.21

LeVar Burton is coming to Jeopardy, Indy 500 is hosting 135k and birthday wishes to Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jack Nicholson

Morning Flash Briefing – 4.20.21

Reese’s x Hipdot makeup collab, Michael Keaton is back as Batman, and Vin Diesel is bringing Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots to the big screen.

Morning Flash Briefing – 4.16.21

Michael Jordan is presenting Kobe into the NBA HOF, Wendy’s is coming out with a new Frosty, and GOT premieres 10 yrs ago this weekend.

Latest Posts

Animated Adventures - Hello Fresh

Normally, Brooke doesn't have a mean bone in her body, but in today's Phone Tap she's doing a nice round of Grocery Shaming and judging a guy for his choices on food delivery.

My Vaccine | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

Instead of ABBA's Dancing Queen, Young Jeffrey wants "MY VACCINE!"

Animated Adventures: Kanye Hotel

Pranking front desk workers is one of our specialties and in today’s Animated Phone Tap, we call the front desk of a big hotel to let them know one of the world’s most notorious celebs is on his way into town.

Brooke Doesn't Tip Baristas - What's On Your Mind? (April 7)

Brooke hasn't been tipping her baristas, Jose got called into the Boss's office, Alexis had a disappointing Easter, and Jeffrey needs his neighbors to step up and fill their bird feeders. It's time to go around the room and share What's On Our Minds!

I'm A Peep | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

It's time the most under appreciated Easter treat got some respect. This one goes out to all the PEEPS! Instead of Radiohead's "I'm a Creep" it's Young Jeffrey's "I'm A Peep"