SHE Flash Briefings

Updated twice weekdays, The SHE 100.3 Flash Briefing is a quick look at what's trending on SHE 100.3 in Chicago.

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Morning Flash Briefing – 8.2.21

Simone BIles is competing in the balance beam, Foo Fighters close Lollapalooza, and Steve Dolinsky is the new Food Guy at NBC5.

Morning Flash Briefing – 7.29.21

Dusty Hill of ZZ Top and Ronco’s Ron Popeil pass away, New Jersey’s naming rest stops after NJ legends, and Lollapalooza opens today!

Latest Posts

Animated Phone Tap: FBI Raid

Jose is trying to get a job, but some unwanted guests are making it tough on him in today's Animated Phone Tap!

Breaking Up & Back to J.Lo (Wham! Parody) - Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

There's something oddly comforting about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck being a couple again after more than a decade... Instead of Wham!'s "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" it's Young Jeffrey's "Breaking Up & Back to J. Lo" Full Lyrics: Bennifer Bennifer AGAIN-a-fer Bennifer Ben...

Spikey Soccer - Brooke & Jeffrey's Summer Games

Brooke & Alexis lead 1-0 going into Event 2: Spikey Soccer! Will the boys tie it up or are the ladies going to run away with this competition? The Brooke & Jeffrey Summer Games continues August 2!

Riffin' Around: Gameday Edition

With the Olympics going on in Tokyo, we decided to play a Gameday edition of Riffin' Around! Will Jose repeat or will Brooke take back her crown of Riffin’ Around?

Brooke Owes Jose An Apology! - What's On Your Mind? (July 28)

Brooke owes one co-host an apology, Jose loves "Plant Dad" life, Alexis embarrassed herself in front of a ex-pro athlete, and Jeffrey has an update on the "Bring Back Muffins" Movement! It's time to go around the room and share What's On Our Minds!