SHE Flash Briefings

Updated twice weekdays, The SHE 100.3 Flash Briefing is a quick look at what's trending on SHE 100.3 in Chicago.

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Morning Flash Briefing – 4.22.21

LeVar Burton is coming to Jeopardy, Indy 500 is hosting 135k and birthday wishes to Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jack Nicholson

Morning Flash Briefing – 4.20.21

Reese’s x Hipdot makeup collab, Michael Keaton is back as Batman, and Vin Diesel is bringing Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots to the big screen.

Morning Flash Briefing – 4.16.21

Michael Jordan is presenting Kobe into the NBA HOF, Wendy’s is coming out with a new Frosty, and GOT premieres 10 yrs ago this weekend.

Latest Posts

Jose's Birthday Shock Collar Question

Since it's Jose birthday this weekend he's wearing the Shock Collar this morning! He's going head to head with Digital Jake in a game of Blackjack. He needs to win 2 out of 3 hands, and the loser will be shocked on the highest setting while singing "Happy Birthday!"

Animated Adventures: Twerk Academy

In today’s new Animated Phone Tap, we’re setting up a guy who gets jealous over how much attention his girlfriend gets at the gym. So we’ve sent our manliest man out for this project: Jeffrey.

Brooke's Husband Looks Like Jeffrey? - What's On Your Mind (April 21)

Brooke wants to set the record straight about her husband, Jose had a minor freakout at his vaccine appointment, Alexis is NOT a fan of wedding dress shopping, and Young Jeffrey went to a restaurant for the first time in a year!

Riffin' Around - April 20

It's quite possibly the most disastrous game we've every played on this show. Can our hosts identify songs by name just from a few seconds of classic guitar riffs? The short answer is: no.

Animated Adventures - Hello Fresh

Normally, Brooke doesn't have a mean bone in her body, but in today's Phone Tap she's doing a nice round of Grocery Shaming and judging a guy for his choices on food delivery.