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Updated twice weekdays, The SHE 100.3 Flash Briefing is a quick look at what's trending on SHE 100.3 in Chicago.

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Mom's House | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

There's nothing quite like the feeling of going home again... Instead of Flo Rida's "My House" it's Young Jeffrey's "Mom's House!" Happy Mother's Day!

Would You Rather? - May 7

The people demand answers and we've got 'em. Time for a good ol' fashioned game of "Would You Rather?"

Animated Adventure: Shingle Mingle

Hey pal, it's the Home Owners Association. You know that plot of land next to your house? We have some ideas for what to use it for...

Riffin' Around - Early 2000's

Our text board lit up with disappointment last time we played this game so we took that as an opportunity for redemption! In this edition of Riffin' Around, our hosts have to identify songs from the Early 2000's just from a few notes of music and the winner will be...

Jose's Birthday Shock Collar Question

Since it's Jose birthday this weekend he's wearing the Shock Collar this morning! He's going head to head with Digital Jake in a game of Blackjack. He needs to win 2 out of 3 hands, and the loser will be shocked on the highest setting while singing "Happy Birthday!"