Pumpkin Breath (Ariana Grande Parody) – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Pumpkin Spice Latte season is back with a vengeance! Instead of Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Pumpkin Breath!”

Full Lyrics:

It’s the End of the Summer,
..the Beginnin’ of Fall.
It was a total BUMMER,
With no Pumpkins at all
Til I Went to the Starbucks,
Told my ORDER to Jenny
I Gotta have Flavors of Autumn…
Better Make it a Venti

Leaves start to FALL…
I get the Cravin’…
To pour PSLs…
In my BATHTUB for Bathin’…
Ten WHITE Girls in Uggs,
All Lined Up Before Me,
Each Autumn my Star-Bs
Looks Like a Sorority…
Thats When We All get…

Pumpkin Breath
Pumpkin Zest
Pumpkin Obsessed
Pumpkin Spice is More like, Pumpkin Meth…
Pumpkin Fresh
Pumpkin Blessed
Pumpkin Fest
Pumpkin, White Claw!

Every mornin’ for Breakfast…
Pumpkin Spice on my muffin…
And at every Thanksgiving…
Stuff my Turkey with Pumpkins…
Pumpkin Spice on my CAVIAR
I tear it Apart
And if I get Gassy
I have Pumpkin spice farts

I Love the SMELL..
Pumkin spice IN-Cense
To help me with Stress
Smoke Pumpkin Cigarettes
My CO-workers KNOW
That I am Addicted…
Our PUMPKIN Spice Soap, (Hand Soap!)
I bent down and Licked It

Pumpkin, Breath (Pumpkin Breath)
Pumpkin, Crest (Pumpkin Crest!)
Pumpkin, Flex
Put on Pumpkin Trojans during Se-e-e—x
Pumpkin Treats (TREEAAAT)
Pumpkin Peeps (Those PUMP!KIN PEEPS)
Pumpkin’ Sheets
UNDER! Neath-My pants are Pumpkin briefs
Pumpkin, Freak!
Pumpkin, Chic’
I’m Pumpkin Sleek

Told the Taco Bell Waitress
“Hey I got an IDEA”
Can I get that Burrito
In a pumpkin Tortilla?
You may think that it tastes like Trash,
But give it a CHANCE
Sent A Letter to Chevron
About Pumpkin Spice Gas

Pumpkins are Fruits,
Luscious & Curvy,
Got Vitamin C…
So WE don’t get SCURVY
I SAT in long lines (oh no)
At the pumpkin drive thru
Oh, CRAP just remembered
I need Pumpkin Dog food
So my Puppy gets

Pumpkin Breath
It’s the Best
Pumpkin pets
And He, Wear a, Little, PUMPKIN VEST
Pumpkin, Spice
Pumpkin Rice
Pumpkin Ice
Gotta check my, Head for Pumpkin Lice

Pumpkin Smells
Pumpkin Gels
Pumpkin Melts

Pumpkin Man
Pumpkin Fan
Pumpkin Tan (Yum)