Read You Weather (Shawn Mendes Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Sunday is National Weatherperson’s Day! So, this one goes out to the TV meteorologists on our screens 7 days a week. Instead of Shawn Mendes’ “Treat You Better” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “Read You Weather”
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I forcast the truth
and I see a cold front passin through
So i’m gonna break it down
For the Next 7 Days
with a 40% chance that i’m wrong
Cartoon image of a cloud
with raindrop animations,
I’m really into graphics & charts!

Then I’m gonna Read you Doppler Radar Scans
I’ll say your City Name while Pointing, with my Hands!
I’m calling out the Lows & Highs!
And I can bring the lighting
Like I’m Storm from the X-men!
I could be the next Avenger,
Your Local Weatherman!

Prophesizing Gloom
While flashing a giant, smile at you,
(“It’s lookin’ PRETTY BAD out there folks”)
I’ve got 30 different ways,
to tell ya that it’s raining
“Shower, Drizzle, Mist or Monsoon?”
Then I geek out over scientific explanations
Like: “Low Pressure’s a moisture vacuum!”

And everytime i read the weather, to my fans
I’m giving you some Global Warming, in your pants!
All Dressed up in my suit & tie
Your temperture is rising
From this Barometric Prince!
Tell you & then minutes Later…
Gotta tell it all Again!

it’s Weather on the ‘10s!
Say the speeds of Winds!

Scannin’ the skies
I predict future times,
I’m the Nostradamus of Clouds
And I’ll even Share
What i think you should Wear
More Fashion tips than your own Spouse!
“I’d pack a Windbreaker if i was you”

I Know the climate more than Greta Thunberg can…
cuz coverin’ a storm, gives me adrenaline
I’ll take the Camera right outside,
And I’ll Report it LIVE
Stand in the rain to prove It’s wet!
Sign off with some Witty Banter
“It’s snow laughing matter”
Drive the weather van!

I’m climates biggest fan!
First job was in Spokane!
Magic clicker in my hand!
I’m your Weather man!