“Runnin’ Up That Bill” (Kate Bush Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Everything is getting more expensive by the second! We may not be able to spell inflation but we know we don’t like it. Instead of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Runnin’ Up That Bill!”

Had to Sell a Kidney! (Yeah, yeah, yo)
Just to cover Gas, for my Wheels… (Yeah, yeah, yo)
I can’t afford, an Orange at the Grocery! (Yeah, yeah, yo)
So i Ask: “Can I just Buy the Peels?” Maybe? (Yeah, yeah, yo)

We’re Screwed… This-Economy….

Cuz My Rent just went Up!
Another Four Hundred Bucks..
I Been Priced Out of my Mom’s Basement!
Keep Running outta Dough!
Keep Running up that Bill!
Deflated by Inflation!
My Bank Account’s So Nude, it got Featured in PLAYBOY.

Can’t afford a Sharpie (yeah, yeah, No)
To make a “WILL WORK FOR FOOD” Sign, (yeah, yeah, No)
So Inside, the Produce Aisle, I Plunder! (Yeah, yeah, Yo)
… By Sneaking Grapes, One at a Time… (yeah, yeah, Yo)

Now that School is Done, I’ll take a HOSE!
.. And Siphon gas, from all the BUSES, slowly…
It’s True…
Even Vin-Diesel… Changed his name, to “Vin-Electricity”

I’m Canceling’ GRUB HUB
And been out Giving my Blood
Just to get the “Free Cookies” they’re Bakin’
Been going to Costco,
So My Belly will be Full…
With the Samples, that they’re Servin’!
… Free Mini-Quiche so GOOD

..Keep On Savin’, (yeah-eh)
Findin Bargains (ye-yo)
Buy Those “Off Brand” Sodas for ya Now,
Poor Tom Brady, got Forced outta his Retirement…
Had to Sell his 4th Vacation, Home!

Been Getting Paper cuts…
Clippin’ Coupons so Much,
I Boil Water, and save the Vapor,
Used to live life so Plush…
but now, I RARELY Hit Flush…
ReUsing toilet Paper!

My Body Stink can’t Waft,
cuz I Keep my A/C Turned Off,
Been Sweating just to save Those Pennies!
….. There’s No Judgement Felt…
For Cryin’ over over Spilled Milk…

Even Brooke had to Make Love ,
To her Husband Because,
She just Couldn’t Afford New Batteries…
..…Instead of Lobster Sous Vide,
We Gettin’ Truck Stop Sushi…

This Really isn’t Good, Keep running up that Bill…
I’m Duct Taping my Shoes, Can’t Afford the Goodwill…
Been Scavenging for Foods, just Cookin’ up Road Kill…
If things Don’t Change Soon, I’m Selling Foot Pics FOR REAL…