Scary Like… (Walker Hayes Parody) – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Halloween is back bay bay! Put on a scary mask and do something that will haunt your hangover the next morning. Instead of Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Scary Like…”

Full Lyrics:

Outfit is BANGIN’…
I got my Fangs In…
I Take the KETCHUP, fake a Laceration…
I See so Mennn-y!
Girls in their Twennn-ties!
They Wearin’ Nothin’ but some CAT Ears and Panties!

Every Mummy here, Lookin’ for a SOUL-Mate
Seen Beetle-Juice Dancing’ on a Mermaid!
Aye aye aye!

Yeah, We scary on Halloween, with the PUNCH Spiked
Got the Vampire Babes, with the Fish-net Legs,
Tryna SUCK FAAAACE, Penny wise too
2 Ghosts, One Sheet in the Bed-room
Crazy like JOKER… with the Green Dome…
SIP-SIPPIN on a KEG-CUP full of Keystone…
Got SEVEN Harley QUINNS here & they’re BOUND to start a Fight,
(Yeah) That’s how we do, how we do, SCARY Like BOOOOO..

Scary like Boooo
It’s a FULL Moooooon
Scary like Boooo!

WE hold our WALLETS, Don’t wanna DROP IT,
Because our COS-tumes, don’t got any POCKETS…
We Monster Mashin’… Simba & Jasmine
The Tiger King, makin’ out with Carole Baskin… (Baskin) There’s a MINION passed out on the Stair-CASE
And the GIRLS All got the Resting Witch Face
Ayy, ayy, ayy

Yeah, we scary like FREDDYYY, with the big KNIVES,
Just Playin’ Beer Pong, with a couple KING KONGS!
There’s SHAGGGYY… and his BIG CLUE…
Ask VELMA, what she’d Scooby DOO to you?
Freaky LIKE… FRIDAY, Lindsay Lohan,
Swap-Swappin’ some-THING’, OUT by the Trash Cans,
A Banana Burned his Hand up, when he GRABBED the Dry-y Ice
AHHH! That’s how we do, how we do scary like
Fun Size, Hersheys, we got giant BOWLS of em,
… Baked some Cookies, with the Creepy Little SKULLS on Em
… JELLO SHOTS, Tucked, in—SIDE a Giant Vaccination…
Drunk Guy TANGLED in the SPIDER Decoration,
Met a chipmunk, and-we-got FLIR—TY!
Doesn’t mean, that i’m gettin’ into FURRYYYYS?
(It Doesn’t)
Yeah we Scary like ZOMBIES, with the Face Paint,
Just doing my THANG, with the GIRL from the Ring,
Like HEFF-NER, in the MAN-SION
NO Patrick SWAY-ZE, but we DIRTY DANCIN’

Party like MILEY, Talkin’ to RANDOS,
…. BEFORE IT’s MID-NIGHT, a WONDERIN: “Where’d my Pants GO?”
We Don’t WANT NO Trick or Treaters, So we Turning’ out the LIGHTS!
Yeah that’s how we do, how we do, scary like