Send Myself Flowers (Dan & Shay Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Single on Valentine’s Day? Nothing wrong with that at all. Instead of Dan & Shay’s “10,000 Hours” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Send Myself Flowers!”

Full Lyrics:
Valentines Again, Gettin’ no Romance
Thanks Mom, for the CALL to Remind Me…
Doin’ “Fine” Alone, Chillin’ on the Couch,
Just my Cat & Me! *Meow*

Gonna Live My Life,
Like My Cheese… Kraft SINGLE!
And If I’m SAD Inside, You’ll Never KNOWW… Mmmm

Cuz I Send Myself Flowers, to my Office Door,
Act like I Never Seen, these Pink Carnations Before…
Gonna Put em’ up Somewhere, so Everyone Sees!
Make sure to Hide the Tag, Because it Says they’re from ME.
Nobody Judge Me (Oooo)

I’m not Emotional, or Repressed At All,
Maybe I should go APPLY for “the Bachelor”?
Got a Date Tonight, With a Couple Guys…
Ben & Jerry!

IF I See Old Folks,
Holding Hands… I get TRIGGERED!
Cuz they’re so Hashtag: “COUPLES GOALS”!

… I Know Roses are RED, baby, and Violets are BLUE,
But this Vodka is Cheaper, Than a Dinner for Two!
Only Kisses I’m wantin’, Are the Chocolate kind…
No I wasn’t just Crying, I had Dust in MY Eyes!
Don’t Need to LOVE Me (Oooo)
My Seatbelt Will Hug Me (Oooo)

Ooooo, I can’t wait for Tomorrow cuz then I’ll be FREE
Ooooo, When it’s HALF-OFF all the CANDY…
I might Look for Encounters, that’s what Tinder is for…
Maybe DM my ex’s, Hope they’re Lonely & Bored…
Cupid’s arrow has Missed, me, For the MILLIONTH Time.
Think I might go Full Karen, Get his BOSS on the Line
Get me Cupid’s Manager! (Oooo)

Been Watching NETFLIX… (Oooo)
MY Love Life is Sex-LESS!… (Oooo)
DRYer than Chex Mix…