SHE Song Scramble

The SHE Song Scramble just got bigger with up to $2,000 up for grabs!

The SHE Song Scramble is a montage of four songs. One from the ’80s, one from the ’90s, one from 2Kand one from today!

Here’s how to win:

Weekday mornings at 7:20AM, Brooke & Jubal will play that day’s SHE Song Scramble.

Later that morning at 11:20AM we’ll replay the SHE Song Scramble. When the song scramble is finished be the 25th caller at 312-297-1003.

If you can identify the title of all four songs, in order, you win $1,000! If the caller gets the scramble wrong, we’ll play one more time that afternoon at 4:20PM and double the winning to $2,000!

Each weekday morning at 7:20AM Brooke & Jubal start over with a new SHE Song Scramble.

The SHE Song Scramble from the New SHE 100.3, the Best Variety of the ’80s, ’90s, 2K and Today!

Official Rules