Summer (Maroon 5 Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Teachers, you deserve a break after this past year! Instead of Maroon 5’s “Sugar” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Summer!”

(ah, ah)
Look at your Teachers, They’re breaking down,
They need Vacation, Vacation, they need it Now!
Tired of saying:
“Back to your Seat!”
Tired of Eatin’…
Lunch room, Mystery Meat.

“Billy, are you chewing gum?
Where did ya get that stuff from?
Go ‘head and Throw it away… ”
ALL DAY, now
Don’t wanna be Giving Gold Stars,
They’d rather be Hitting the Bars,
And go to Brunch every-Day!!

But Summer,
You’re free!
With No Children that you gotta Teach,
There’s No Kids, Shrieking
(As they Line up Alphabetically)
Yea, No more Grading Papers,
Late into the night,
No more Report Cards LEFT to write,
Cuz Summer,
You’re free!
Like the Healthcare, in First World Countries… (Well?)

Protective Parents (ah)
They piss you off,
Thinking that THEIR Kid, Their kid,
Can do no Wrong…
Those Cool Mothers
Wearing, Juicy Couture…
And Creepy Fathers,
(just) Starin’ at your back door,

And children Reading’ Out loud,
Just trying to Sound-it-Out
One sentence Takes all day…
Keep Waitin’
The D-d-d-d-d-dog
M-met the F-f-f-f-f-frog
Are you K-K-Kidding Me?

But Summer…
You’re Free,
No more Teachin’ Cursive Pointlessly,
And Once Those, Kids leave,
they’re not YOUR responsibility,
No more roaming Hallways,
Breaking up the Fights,
No more Dirty Children, Covered in Lice
So stressed
Now I See,
Why the Teachers Lounge Stinks of weed…

No Monthly FIRE Drills,
No Detention at 3,
And No More Field Trips
To the Sewage Facility,
No more Little kids,
Sayin’ they Gotta pee,
Went twice already, but they SWEAR it’s an Emergency!

You’ll get away from There
and those Tiny Plastic Chairs…
Cuz when that Final BELL rings…
Then you’ll KNOW it’s…

(and) You’re free
Just like WILLY in the Whale Movie…
No More… Stressin’…
What to Say in PTA meetings
They’re Sick of Taking Roll Call
Tired of Nap Time,
Kicked out Mary’s Lamb in the Nursery Rhyme
(but) Summer,
You’re free!
And it’s only in a COUPLE Weeks…