Supa Orangey (Benee Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Ugly Pumpkins deserve love too! If you’re headed out to the pumpkin patch this weekend this song will change your whole perspective on what a beautiful pumpkin really is. Instead of Benee’s “SupaLonely” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Supa Orangey”
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I’m just a Pumpkin, my top half is sunken
Weird and misshapen, shriveled like bacon
The kids wanna kick me, but nobody picks me
To take me home with them
Cuz i’m Ugly, Mm, Ew, Ehh!

Sittin in this dumb, muddy field and,
Dome is kinda mashed in, skin is kinda peeling
Sorry I’m Organic, Natural, Believe it,
Not like a Kardashian…

I’m a sad gourd, gettin’ ignored,
Just a tad bored…
But it’s your loss, Find my match on
Plenty of Squash…
I look a bit roughed up, wish I was cuter!
Runt of the litter! Wish I was thicker!
Got dreams of appearin’, like Cardi B’s rear end,
And then I’d be chosen!
But I’m Lumpy, Mm, Ew, Ehh!

La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La
Lumpy! I’m an Ugly Squish…

ORa-Ra-Ra-Ra, ORa-Ra-Ra-Ra
Orangey! (Supa-Orangey)

My best friend was Cinderella’s carriage,
Mom is Halloweenin’, Dad’s a Pumpkin pie now,
Desperate, I’m screaming!
Someone take my Body,
And let me Spice your Coffee (yummy!)

Couple girlfriends, pointin’ laughin,
At my small Stem…
But in my Soul,
I’ve got more Pulp,
than a Big Gulp!

I’ve got a back hump, so where’s Esmerelda?
but like your Step Sister, look better with liquor!
Due to my appearance, They put me on Clearance,
Inside the Bargain Bin,
Come Adopt me, Mm, Ew, Ehh!

La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La,
Love me! (I’m your UGLY Friend)

Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra, Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra
Rub Me! (Supa-Nubbly)

Cut through my pimpled, veiny skin,
Give me Triangle Eyes!
Like a Beverly Hills surgeon,
Carve up my face for my “Glow Up”!

Or gimme a chuck,
Throw me DOWN on the Street, tell the Cops, I jumped!
Just don’t leave me in this dump,
Please, I just wanna ride inside your Trunk!

I’m not a looker, vine is all crooked,
Body got caved in, been pooped on by ravens,
I may not entice you, but I might surprise you,
Like Petey Davidson…
I get model peaches!

ORa-Ra-Ra-Ra, ORA-Ra-Ra-Ra,
Orangey! I got Blobby hips

La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La
Lumpy! Like an oatmeal dish

Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba
Bumpy! with Proactiv Skin

Na-Na-Na-Na, Na-Na-Na-Na
Nubbly! (Supa-Nubbly)