Survey says 62% of Americans working "from home" want to do so from another country

Istock Work From Home 03092021

(LOS ANGELES) — If home is “where you hang your hat,” can’t working from “home” be anywhere? That’s apparently the feeling from American respondents in a new survey, 62% of whom say they’re considering working from home from another country. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans commissioned by the software company Simform shows that if there’s one upside to the pandemic, it’s that we’ve gotten to like working remotely and how that’s shaped our perceptions of work.

In fact, 82% of those respondents say their employers are allowing them to work from home indefinitely.  With that in mind, 70% say they’re planning to use remote work as an opportunity to travel more.

Sixty-six percent say they’re considering moving to a new city in the U.S., 62% already have moved since they’ve begun working remotely, and 52% of those who’ve moved say they’ve moved to a new country. 

Even if they’ve stayed put, 70% of the respondents say they relish not having to commute to work, with 49% saying sleeping in and going to bed later because of that is the biggest perk of working remotely.

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