Survey says live music, movies in theaters, the sounds of sex are what pandemic-wary people miss most

Istock Whisper 02252021

(NEW YORK) — While we commonly associate our physical limitations with being locked down over COVID-19 rules, a new survey suggests there are sounds we’re missing as well. 

According to a non-scientific study of 2,000 Americans, the sounds of live music is what we’re missing most, at 38%. Following that, 35% say they miss seeing a movie in a theater equipped with surround sound, while 28% are bummed they can’t hear a stadium full of people cheering on their favorite team. 

The poll, sponsored by hearing device company Eargo, also reveals other common “missed” aural moments, from church sermons, to “the sounds of slot machines,” to “my grandchildren playing,” to, well, the sounds of “having sex.”

The survey shows that social distancing and other aspects of the pandemic are taking their toll on communication: 62% of the respondents say the pandemic has caused a decline in the “art of the conversation”; 3/4 of those in the poll say masks make it more difficult for them to hear others, and 57% say that a phone or Zoom conversation pales in comparison to a real-life one.

Nearly 70% of those polled say the pandemic has left them feeling “out of touch” with others. 

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