Survey says nearly 90% of Americans turned to the "simple things" to get through 2020

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(NEW YORK) — How did you get through 2020? If you’re like nearly 9 in 10 Americans, you put newfound value on the simple pleasures in life. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 adults in this country showed that 88% have learned to value the simple joys in life more than ever. 

Eighty-nine percent say they tried to bring themselves joy every day in the pandemic year. 

Of those polled, 56% turned to comfort food; 45% spent quality time with loved ones, and 44% learned the value of a good laugh — all of those topped the list of the simple things we enjoyed.

As for what comfort foods Americans admit they turned to, 43% indulged in ice cream, 41% ate cookies, and 41% enjoyed cheese. 

As for the latter, it should be noted the poll was commissioned by Castello, a Danish cheese brand.

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