Survey shows 93% of parents concerned about their kids' mental health over the pandemic

Istock Stressed Kid 03162021

(NEW YORK) — While most of us feel pandemic fatigue, a year after we first heard the phrase “15 days to flatten the curve,” many experts — and parents — are even more concerned about children taking the brunt.

A new survey bears this out: 93% of the parents who took part in the survey say they’re concerned about their kids’ mental health as the pandemic drags on. 

The non-scientific survey, commissioned by the remote learning company Lightspeed Systems, also showed that 71% of parents are more concerned than they ever have been for their child’s mental health.

Forty percent of those polled said their child is no longer showing interest in classes they used to enjoy when they were at school; 27% say their kid isn’t interested in their former hobbies.

Forty-two percent said their child is now struggling to get their assignments in on time.

Chillingly, 56% said their child is showing signs of depression.

Making matters worse, of those who are concerned for their kids’ frame of mind, 66% say they don’t know how to talk to them about their mental health.

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