Survey shows Americans flocked to their outdoor spaces during the pandemic

Istock Patio Time 04302021

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, there’s a good chance you used it more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In fact, a new survey of 2,000 Americans commissioned by lawn care company TruGreen say they spent an average of 14 hours a week outside, as opposed to 11 in the pre-pandemic days.

Three quarters of those who took part in the non-scientific poll said their outdoor space was “indispensable” during the pandemic, with 73% saying they found their newfound appreciation for their yard therapeutic.

In fact, while outdoor chores were always seen as, well, a chore, 70% reported sprucing up their outdoor space turned into a new hobby while they waited out the lockdowns. The poll found that half of these homeowners invested in new seating, plants and other improvements to beautify the space outside their home’s four walls. 

In fact, 40% have shelled out for amenities like a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, playscapes for their kids, and even a pool. In fact, the average respondent spent more than $1,900 on such improvements — pretty handy use for that stimulus money.

The survey also noted how Americans have spent their time outdoors, with 50% saying they were able to visit with family and friends while being socially distanced. Forty-seven percent say they let their kids have “recess” every day while they’re at Zoom school while 46% have logged some alone time in the yard, and 43% say they’ve been exercising in their outdoor space. Forty-four percent have used their yards to spend quality time with their families, 20% have gone so far as to stage outdoor movie nights there, and 9% even held an outdoor wedding at home while venues were shuttered.

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