Take All Of Your Money (Backstreet Boys Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Have you ever thought about how HARD Billionaires have it? Young Jeffrey sure has. Instead of the Backstreet Boys “As Long As You Love Me” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Take All Of Your Money”

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Take all of your money…

“What do you mean you “Don’t Accept $10,000 bills at this McDonalds?”
“Ugh, Fine… I’ll Buy the Building then”

When I saw my name on Forbes, I was ashamed To find
I’m barely inside the Top 10?!
I built a Golf Course in the Deserts of Dubai
To prove to my dad, that i can!

But my ultra lavish lifestyle isn’t so easy…
My kid’s private school, is in France!
The A/C in my Mansion was off one degree…
So i fired my whole house staff

Spent New Years, in St. Barts
but got too Much Sun!
so I threw a fit…
Cuz the beach was too Sandy!
New Ferrari, Made Custom
Then got rid of It…
Once the new car smell’s missing…

Every birthday party there’s a conundrum!
Celebrites suck up to me! (Oooo, yea!)
Tom Cruise wants to do a Fly-by like Top Gun
as Gwyneth invites me to Skii

I dont know where I’ll park
my mega yacht?
So I’ll just sink It,
This bay is too tiny!
My friend could not
Get 2 Weeks off,
so I just fixed It,
and bought out his company…

“And then I was like… you want ME to pay taxes?
What Am I… POOR? (Ahahaha!)


Can’t play Monopoly with my kiddos,
cuz I don’t count that low!
Those Tiny Numbers, Hurt my MIND!
I Race My Buddies up to SPACE for Fun!
(Buzz Light Year)…cause my pool is to Inifinty! yeah!

“Tickets to Disneyland cost how much now??
“Huh, what a Bargain!”

Hotels that, have 5 stars
just ain’t enough
Gonna call Brad Pitt,
or stay with the Clooney’s

’cause i get flown
in planes i own.
but it’s Tough to pick…
The Cessna or Gulfsteam?

my Hamptons home,
is a real dump
only 14 beds?
and the guest house is ugly!

I’d trade my Heart,
for a new liver
To drink more & care less
Then, relocate a Sports team!

Use Black Cards
cause Laws dont’ apply to me
My bank is Swiss

Take all of your Money!