That’s How I Swipe (Bruno Mars Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Can you believe the dating app Tinder is 10 years old already? This one goes how to the app that changed how we swipe forever. Instead of Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “That’s How I Swipe!”
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(Hey! Hey! Hey!)
I wanna night that’s filled with Passion
Honey lets to Matching
Tap the Screen with yo Finger
Like Hulk, we’ll get to Smashin’…
So Swipe on a Player, Swipe Swipe on me…
And I’ll invite you to my Lair, Live with my Mommy,

I got my Profile set to Manly
Fish I caught with my handies,
Twenty Nine, my Age Limit,
Cuz I Don’t Mess with no Grannies
Lets Talk if you wanna, TIK TOK if you wanna
Check my watch, cuz you know it’s “Flirt-O-Clock”, and I’m texting Like…

“What is your Zodiac?”
Girl, I’m Matching SIGNS on ya
Capri-Corny Stuff,
Running pick up LINES on ya
“I must be a Snowflake, I must be Snow!
Cuz Baby, I’m Falling for you!”

Fill out my Profile with Lies…
Swear I love Rom-Coms and Hikes!
And strolling down the Beach at night, by the Moonlight
Ladies admit it, YOU would bite, you’re swiping Right

You got that Spray Tan so Nice,
With Skin like Oranges, Sliced!
I’ll Compliment your Photo Twice, or Maybe Thrice?
And then Exaggerate my HEIGHT, Just roll the Dice

They Kicked me off of Christian Mingle,
Same with Gluten-Free Singles
Reprimanded by Bumble!
But Tinder Girls, are more Sinful, Pop like Pringles
I’ll Never send an Eggplant Emoji!
… Unless you WANT me to, then I’ll send you Three!

Perfect Girl i meeted
Got me feelin’ Defeated
Cuz after 24 Hours,
She Still left me ON READED
Why are You? (Why are you?) Ignoring me? (Ignoring me?)
Did ya Swipe, (Did ya Swipe?) Unwittingly? (Baby)

Jump! on my dating app
I know all the Tricks for it…
Post a Puppy Pic
Cuz I get more Clicks for it
Lets just keep this Chill & Keep it Casual!
Commitment is just NOT what I do…

I Mostly Swipe 8s & 9s,
By 2 AM, That Declines…
Blame the Two Beers that I Imbibed, Michelob Lites
They got me swiping 4s & 5s… In Desperate Times

My Dry Spell’s Ending tonight
Third Cousin’s hot, so I Might?
Give her some Innocent advice, on OTHER Guys,
While Hinting at my own Foot Size, Don’t be Surprised…

If you want a WEIRD TIME…
Find me on Craigslist! (See ya on Craigslist)
Swipe on me, Swipe on me, Swipe and I’ll be
Your Partner in Crime!

If you Want It, TURN on the Netflix
cuz I’m down to “CHILL” with You!
Gettin’ Busy, and movin’ to the Soundtrack
of “Kung-Fu Panda 2”

Tinder at Work all the Time,
Through Business Meetings, I’ll Grind,
Sat on the Toilet, Doin’ Swipes, Before I Wipe
You can be Angela tonight, and I’ll be Dwight

Just Matched at One Mile High!
Logged Into Delta’s Wifi…
After i Paid the Extra Price, on my Device…
Jump on to J-DATE, when it’s Primed – at Christmas Time!