“These Climatey Things” (Sound of Music Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

If you’ve complained about the heatwave at all this summer, then this song is for you! Instead of The Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “These Climatey Things.”
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Elsa from “Frozen” is Truly Grief-Stricken
Found a Small Puddle, inside of her Kitchen
Spotting the Carrot, And Realizing
Olaf’s a Victim of Climate Changing

This Summer, so far, has been Really Brutal
NETFLIX & CHILL, got too Warm to Canoodle
Crannies & Crevices Keep Moistening,
Brooke Rents her Clothes now, cuz Boob Sweat’s a THING

Heat Waves and Heat Strokes and Nasty Heat Rashes…
Less “Hot Girl Summers”, more “Hot Swampy Asses”…
7-ELEVEN’s got Instant Cooling,
Ice down my Pants, from the Slurpee Machines…

As our Pores Cry,
And our Pits Stink,
And our Milk goes Bad,
We Sympathize more with Red Lobster’s Cuisine,
While Boiling Alive, Like Crabs!

Wild Fires Raging, from Phoenix to Cleveland
Smokey the Bear, just said “SCREW THIS, I’M LEAVIN!”
Now on a pole, you can watch Smokey Swing..
Lookin’ so FIRE in his Hat and G-String!

Just like a, Salvador Dali Style Doodle,
Arch of St. Louis, Went Limp like a Noodle,
Ice Caps All Melting, and Soon there will Be…
Ocean Front Property in Tennessee!

Light Up your Ciggys Without Any Matches
Chicken Eggs FRIED, Before it even Hatches
Corn on the Stalk is Already Popping…
Steaks Get “Well Done” while the Cow’s Still Mooing!

Temperatures Rise,
I’ll be Friending
Every Ice Cream Man!
To Cool off I’ll jump in a Thermal Hot Spring
Then Get right back to… My Tan!!!

Heat Domes on Glaciers, and Dog Days of Britain
Sky Got so Warm, it could Air-Fry a Pigeon,
Leather Car Seats., are a Dangerous Thing…
Smelled some Back Bacon, cuz mine was COOKING!

“How can we Help out???” I searched that on GOOGLE,
But Got distracted by Photos of Poodles…
Lakes Dry up so Fast, they leave Bathtub Rings…
Thought that these Paper Straws Fixed Everything!?

Santa will Stop Putting Coal in our Stockings,
I’ll Start a Hashtag to Limit “Trash” Talkings
Airlines will put Discount Seats on the Wings,
Even Cancun will ban OIL WRESTLING!

When the Seas Rise,
And the Land Shrinks,
Malibu Gets Sad…
While into the Ocean, their Mansions All Sink,
I’ll laugh cause i Live…. Inland!!!!