Tip That Crown For Me (Liam Payne Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

This weekend is #NationalTellAFairyTaleDay so its time we put a modern spin on some “olde” classics! Instea of Liam Payne’s “Strip That Down For Me” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Tip That Crown For Me”

Full Lyrics:

You know that “Once upon a time off in a Kingdom, Far Away
Where you can have a Happy Ending
And you NEVER have to pay…

It’s a Land of Pure Enchantment
But BEWARE of Sorcery
Don’t you go wander Astray
Like Red Riding Hood one day

She skipped into the Forest, Carelessly,
Off to Visit Grandma Doris, Oh how Sweet,
And her little Red Hood, yea It’s Gucci
Stopped down in a Meadow, Quick Selfie

Rolled up into Granny’s, bout around Three
Bad Wolf was Already, in dem Sheets
… Grandma ya Got such Great big Teeth,
Wolf said, the better for: ME TOO EAT. Yummy!

And every weekend there’s a Royal Ball,
So the Prince can Find a Queen… Maybe?
Fairy God mothers All Around are Making Gowns So Magically
So turn this Egg into an iPhone, and Call Uber for Me!
(“Bip Boppity!”)
… We’ll Party out until the Stroke of 12,
And then it’s Crashing Down for Me, Yea yea yea yea,

Crashing Down, Girl… What happened to your GOWN, Girl?
Yea yea, yea, yea
Turn Around, Girl… your Slipper is on the GROUND!

Little Pigs are Building Houses out of Straw and Tiny Sticks
Cuz the Real Estate is CRAZY, Now I guess it’s come to This
While the Big Bad Wolf is Blowing all their Properties to Bits
Only Home that Can Resist
Is the Cottage made of Bricks

While over at Rapunzel’s, Property
She in a Little Trouble, Just Slighty
Locked up Inside a Tower, Penthouse Suite
Captive & alone since, AGE 13,

But Luckily for Blondie, Hair’s On Fleek
Her Ponytail Stretchin’, 50 Feet
I Bet she Conditions, With Pantene
Wait til Her Prince comes Galloping,

Saying; “Now Hey Rapunzel, Can ya Help me Out,
And Just, Let your Hair Down For me?”… Baby
You got the Locks of a Supermodel from Cosmo Magazine
I’ll Climb it Up, to the Top, and I’ll make you Royalty… MAYBE
You could be my Megan Markle while I’m your Prince Harry…
Yeah yeah yeah yeah…

Let it Down, Girl
Hair better Touch the Ground, Girl
Climbin’ Now, Girl
I Weigh a Hundred Pounds, Girl,
Ride Thru Town, Girl
I’m Gonna Tip that Crown, Girl!
Turn that Frown, Girl,
my Bean Stalk’ll Reach the Cloud!

Goldilocks Breaks in a Condo
Eating all the FOOD on the Table
Not too Hot, Not Too Cold,
She a Picky Girl for a Thief, Yo!

Couple little Rules, every Prince Knows:
If ya Tell a Lie, Than Ya Nose Grows…
Kill an Evil Beast, You a Hero!
Kiss a Sleeping Girl, you a ZERO!!!

You know I Hate it, when a Stupid Witch goes and,
Casts a Spell on Me!… LADY,
She Turn me into an Ugly Frog for All Eternity,
Unless I Find me a HOTTIE. to come lock lips with Me
(*tongue sound*)
True Love, with a Little Tongue
And I can Transform back to ME,

Magic Mirror won’t you Break this down for me? (yea yea yea yea)
Woodland Creatures come sing in Harmony, (yea yea yea yea)
Ugly Step-Sisters Full of jealousy (yea yea yea yea)
Don’t Eat Apples, They’re Poisoned Probably, (yea yea yea yea!!!)