Trick and treat: Study shows parents are adapting to Halloween in the pandemic

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(NEW YORK) — It’s trick and treat for parents coming up with safe ways to give their children a fun Halloween amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A new unscientific study commissioned by HI-CHEW candies shows that while families will continue to commemorate the spooky holiday this year, the festivities will look different than usual. 

According to the study conducted by OnePoll in which 2,000 adults were surveyed, half of which are parents, three out of four said they’ll still be taking their kids trick or treating this year, but with a new set of precautions in place. 

On average, the parents say they’ll only allow their children to trick-or-treat at five houses in the neighborhood, with one-third adding the stipulation that the stops will be limited to households where they know the inhabitants have tested negative for COVID-19.

Fifty percent of the parents who took the poll also state that trick-or-treating is a beloved tradition that is worth continuing in spite of the current circumstances.

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