US reports highest daily death toll in weeks


(NEW YORK) — After seeing a slow drop off of daily COVID-10-related deaths, the nation marked its highest in weeks on Wednesday.  1,422 Americans died within a 24 hour period on Tuesday, the highest number since August 12.

That number is still below the record high reported on April 17, with 2,666 fatalities.

Overall COVID-19 cases continue to remain at a worrying amount, with 52,081 new cases reported Tuesday.  That number is still better from the record high reported on July 16, with 77,255 new cases. 

That number could be on the rise again, according to an internal memo from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, of which was obtained by ABC News, which hones in on several breakouts in the Northeastern region of the U.S. and has identified “emerging hotspots” in the region, including Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Conversely, New York — which was once the epicenter of the nation — has reported that its infection rate has dropped below a percentage point.  The new infection rate touted by the state stands at 0.87 percent.  However, Governor Andrew Cuomo says residents should not take this as a sign things are returning to normal, cautioning that “this thing is not over.”

“Having our infection rate come back down to 0.87 is great news for us — we don’t want to see our infection rate go over one percent for any period of time,” he added. “It’s going to take all of us to keep wearing our masks, washing our hands and remaining socially distant.”

As of late Wednesday, COVID-19 has infected over 6.6 million Americans and killed nearly 197,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. 

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