Walking Out of School Goodbye (Harry Styles Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Seniors across the country are graduating and just as essential as a cap and gown is a brand new Song of the Week from Young Jeffrey! Instead of Harry Style’s “Watermelon Sugar” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Walking Out of School Goodbye”

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Smells like GRAD-berries
And a bit of freedom..
School is Over & I’m Gone

I made Grades, barely
Didn’t Strike out swinging
Like i Did at Senior Prom

Four years in…
Burned me out
Why’s our band, Playing the Fight song so damn loud?!
Daylight but… Moon is out
Nothing on, beneath my Rented Cap & Gown!
(Crowd Gasp)

Walkin’ outta school, Good-bye!
Raising my diploma, High!
Throwin’ hats into the, Sky!
Making all our parents cry!
Senioritis Over!

I’m Sooo ready…
to stay in bed & sleep in
And not get woke up by my mom…
“Time for School!”

The Halls were So smelly,
With Pheremones all mixing…
The Stench was STRONG as, Cinnabon’s

I won’t Miss
The Loud Bell Sounds
or Carrying text books that weigh 500 Pounds!

Tired of the High School, Grind!
Taking Tests while getting, timed!
Tiny Wooden Desks, con-fined!
Tryna’ to get my yearbook signed!

Assemblies that Numb my Mind!
Finals, that were never, “Fine”!
Essays that I Franken—Steined!
Group Projects Were a Crime!

Learnin’ math equation
Trains Leaving two stations…
I’ll tell you when they’ll collide! (That’s useful!)

I’ve seen too many
Student Love Relations…
Sick of Freshman Locking Mouths…

I’ve done No planning..
For my Occupation
Real Good Chance, I can NEVER buy a House!

Walking out of school Good-bye!
A Piece of Paper is my prize!
Education Certi-fied!
Now I’m an Alumni!
Finally my life is mine!
Like Optimus, in my prime!
Now I can Prioritize…
My YouTube Channel size!

Graduated Proudly
Like the Car, i’m Audi
Walking out of a School Goodbye!

dreams I’ll be pursuing,
See ya at the Reunion…
Certain we’ll Stay friends for life!

Walking out of school Good…