Lisa Kosty

Watch Adele test her knowledge of British foods for ‘British Vogue’

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Adele may be living in L.A. now, but she still knows her British foods.

The Tottenham native sat down at “Adele’s Cafe” with British Vogue for a blind taste test of some traditional British dishes. She was asked to guess classic meals like a full English breakfast and fish and chips, desserts including Banoffee Pie and Eton Mess, and some lesser known fare like Spotted Dick — which, in spite of its cheeky name, is a steamed pudding with dried fruit.

As the “Easy on Me” singer tested her food knowledge, she shared memories connected with certain dishes. She reminisced about working in a cafe when she was younger and how she learned to cook with Jamie Oliver recipes. Her specialties include spicy pasta and Sunday roast, which she makes for her son, Angelo.

Adele also revealed her obsession with Heinz ketchup. “I carry little sachets of Heinz ketchup everywhere with me,” she says. “Beyonce has hot sauce in her bag, I have Heinz ketchup.”

In the end, she successfully guessed eight out of the 12 dishes.

“I mean, it’s food! Just because I lost weight, I know everything there is to know about food,” Adele joked. “I eat so much food still.”