"Welcome to my pandemic Thanksgiving! May I take your temperature, please?"


(NEW YORK) — This holiday season, a visit to a friend’s house for a Thanksgiving feast likely won’t begin with a hug at the door.  Better be ready to have your temperature taken, instead.

A new OnePoll survey of 2,000 Americans, commissioned by VCF Designer Looks, finds 30% of survey respondents saying they’ll set up mandatory front-door temperature checks for any guests visiting them this Thanksgiving.  The idea, of course, is that anyone with an elevated temperature could be infected with COVID-19, meaning they’ll be enjoying their turkey out on the stoop.

Fifty-four percent of respondents also say they’ll enforce strict social-distancing guidelines at their holiday get-togethers — no more than one person at a time at the buffet, please — as well as having just one person serving the food and drinks.  Twenty-seven percent say they’ll go one step further and hold their parties outside.

Nearly half, 46%, also say they’ll also keep close track of their guests, in the event contact tracing becomes necessary.  Twenty-four percent say mandatory RSVPs will be a big part of that.

Then again, if you think it’s crazy to hold a holiday gathering at all, you’re not entirely alone: some 40% of respondents say their Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family will be virtual this year.  Even so, 64% said they still plan to host an in-person Turkey Day party, but with far fewer people invited, limited to just a few immediate family members.

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