Year Had Me Shook (Meghan Trainor Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

2022 was a wild year, but we can’t fully say goodbye to it without a recap Song of the Week! Instead of Meghan Trainor’s “Made You Look” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Year Had Me Shook”
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2022 is dead and gone
Still, that Wordle game’s goin’ strong
Now Twitter sucks, Thanks Elon!
But so does Facebook (So Does Facebook!)

Last year it wasn’t great
Whole World engulfed in flames,
Not good for Barbara Walters
or Pete & Kimmy K
Boo! Chuck the deuces up to 2022 (ooo)

The Oscars on TV, lookin’ more like UFC
The Fresh Prince left the mansion, went back to West Philly
Ooo! Quiet Quit on my Career in early June

Whenever Kanye talked, talked
Heard another Sponsor say he’s dropped, dropped!
Now Britney Griner’s home from being caught, caught!
Lesson learned, in Russia don’t bring pot, pot (Pot-pot-pot)

Queen Lizzy sang her final song (Final Song!)
At Least we still got Sir Elton John!
The Sussex’s Droning On & On,
“Please Buy my Book!” (He’s Got a Book!)

And Amber Heard was sued by Johnny Depp,
More than one way, Amber really messed the bed…
Been Feelin’ like a bobblehead…
The Year had me Shook (It Had Me Shook!)

The world is gettin’ Strange, but some things never change,
Leo still on a yacht with 20 models half his age!
Ooo! Tom Cruise, still lookin like he’s 32! (Ooo)

Messi won the Cup, Cup!
House of Dragons, showed some “Family Love”, love!
the Radio was playing 80’s stuff, stuff
Like Kate Bush on a Hill, we running up, Up! (Up, up, up)

2022’s moved on
Like how Giselle just Moved, on from Tom
He’s gotta lotta rings, Now he’s minus one!
How’s Crypto look? (It isn’t Good!)

While Taylor Swift was writing “Midnight” jams,
Adam Levine was writing Cringe, weird DMs…
Harry Styles rocked a pair of Ladies Pants!
Year Had me Shook (It Got me Shook!)